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About Me

Iman Amini is a half-Iranian half-Taiwanese American actor, director, and producer born and raised in Orange County, CA. He's currently based in Manhattan, NY.

Iman's love for creativity started young, at the ripe age of 10 where he starred in his 5th grades class production (strong word) of Robin Hood, where he played the titular character Robin Hood (in scene 9). Since then he couldn't be stopped. He kept acting through middle school and high school and eventually moved to New York where he got his BFA in Acting at the Pace School of Performing Arts.

Now, along with his career in acting, he has established himself as a writer and director. Recently Iman's play 4 Those Who Need It, which he wrote, produced, and directed, premiered at the Tank NYC and is now being adapted into a screen play. Additionally he has moved into producing, where Rose Tint, a short film which he produced in the spring of 2022, is premiering at the 2023 Santa Fe Film Festival this February!

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